But that burning question nonetheless stays — what will it take to push the game to a higher status as an esport? If it’s Rocket League Prices so reachable, why aren’t greater people looking it?

When the Epic Games acquisition was first introduced, there has been a wish that the Fortnite maker’s deep pockets could assist improve Rocket League with an eye-catching prize pool, however while prize money has grown, it's miles nowhere close to enough to take observe in a global in which The International is creeping in the direction of $50M. While its player base numbers are worth of birthday celebration, they do no longer technique the figures touted with the aid of the League of Legends and Counter-Strikes of the world.

With the recent declaration of a mobile version, Rocket League might also see a new surge of interest, but historically if there are any sizable gameplay variations in a mobile port their esports ecosystems emerge as separate entities. Perhaps Rocket League Sideswipe will become a relevant esports identify, however that can have little impact on pushing the unique to  lolga.com Tier One status.